Concept Design Proposal
Miami, Florida (Proposed Location)
2022 (Unbuilt)

The Eternal Flame with Welcoming Arms is a concept design proposal submission for the 2022 Faena Arts Prize. The open call prompted artists to develop a monumental installation at Miami Beach to answer the question of how public art can generate a sense of belonging. 
I started by writing a simple poem about the fundamental mechanisms of nature and human feelings of protection. From this poem, fire became a symbol for belonging and the strength of the human spirit.

El tiempo se va grano a grano
cada grano que fue
Es fue, será y fue otra vez

En el sedimento de lo que fue
encontramos lo que es el hogar

El viento mueve la tierra
y al otro lado del sedimento
encontramos la proteccion del fuego.

- Las Arenas del Tiempo

As a Venezuelan immigrant, the question of belonging is extremely meaningful. I am eternally grateful to the United State for being a refuge to my family. I wanted to honor Miami’s legacy as a multicultural city that embraces generations of immigrants to this country.

The figure of the chalice holding a lit flame emerged as a symbol of welcoming open arms shining a light for all those who brave darkness in search of a new home and a bright future.

Section Drawings

Materials and Building Techniques
Final Rendering